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Success Stories

Energy, Mood, Gastrointestinal, Weight

I worked with Laura for 3 months and was absolutely delighted with the results.  I now wake up refreshed and energised, I have no more bloating and I've lost weight.

Laura is professional and so easy to approach with any and all ailments. Her help is simple and attainable with easy to follow steps."

Tracy - Kingston

Cholesterol / Statin Side Effects

Having suffered with sleeplessness and cramp in my legs and arms as a side effect of taking statins for high cholesterol, I sought Laura's advice.  With my doctor's knowledge I have, for the past four months been following Laura's regime to reduce my cholesterol naturally.  I now enjoy a full nights' sleep and no longer have cramp.  The cholesterol levels have settled at an acceptable level without the statin and my doctor has agreed that I continue on the naturopathy programme.  Betty - Cymbran, Wales


I was diagnosed with PCOS, and hardly had a menstrual cycle in my entire life. After 7 years of trying to fall pregnant it was very obvious I was unable to conceive. Friends were telling me how diet could make a big difference, but I was sceptical.  Laura was understanding and thorough in her assessment, and after some radical dietary changes I found my health steadily improve and after 7 months I fell pregnant. I now have a healthy and happy 5 month old son.     Donna

Energy, Concentration, Focus

Despite knowing a fair amount about nutrition, Laura Mussell's nutrition consultation and supplement recommendations have helped me greatly. I have, so far, survived my full-time MSc and PT work without failing at the end of the week.

Christle - London

     Candy's Results

After 6 months

Weight Loss

- 36.2kg


Down from 47 to 33


- 24.5 cm


- 25 cm


- 18.5 cm

Weight Loss/Health Improvement

Weightloss and Wellness

I've tried many times for the last 10-15 years to reach a weight I knew was good for me. Finally, after joining this group, I'm well on my way, I feel so much better, I have a few more milestones to reach but I'm absolutely confident I will reach them, with the support and encouragement of this group and especially Laura. Thank you for helping me get my life and health back! Laura is fantastic, she shares helpful, informative and practical information with us that has changed my perspective on weight loss, healthy living and general well being. THANK YOU Laura! I honestly couldn't have done it without you.

Wendy – Chinhoyi

I have enjoyed that the weightloss and wellness program has been a simple, effective approach to weight loss and doesn't necessarily require expensive or hard-to-get produce. Even if we haven't done well we are encouraged to focus on what we did do well that week. I have liked learning more about how my body works and the health side too. I have a long way to go but feel it is something I could keep up with and achieve.

Cheryl – Chinhoyi

I very much enjoyed the honesty and sharing of everybody's battles and individual challenges. It helped to encourage me to persevere. I think trying to do something like this on your own is rather soul-destroying at times. Laura, I really felt very comfortable with you and completely happy to speak to you about any issues. It has taken a while, but suddenly I am really beginning to feel so much better and feel that this 'lifestyle' works for me. I think the weekly 'weigh in' keeps one motivated.

Liz – Chinhoyi 

Laura Mussell

rTMPC (Zim),


Thank You

Thank you so very much Laura. I just wanted to say that I feel very reassured in your care and am so happy about the way you are treating me. I could not have asked for a better nutritionist. I am so glad I found you"


Jana - Hampton Hill

Digestive Disorders, Food Intolerances, IBS

I had been having digestive disorders following surgery a few years ago and eventually decided to see a nutritionist. Luckily I happened to select Laura Mussell (from the internet) who was most helpful and soon suggested that I took a blood test to see if I was intolerant to certain foodstuffs. This actually proved to be the case, as I proved to be intolerant to wheat and yeast, among other things, of which I was consuming quite large amounts.

As soon as I changed my diet, things considerably improved. I have found Laura easy to communicate with, and have no hesitation in recommending her. Her charges are far from expensive, which is a bonus.

Bill, Wimbledon (2013)