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Natural Rhythms is an exciting and powerful health improvement and effective weight loss and control program. It is a phased approach to turbo charge initial weight loss and then gradually moves on to a healthy sustainable way of eating, all whilst optimising health through nutritional therapy. The different phases incorporates elements of the LCHF (low carb, high fat) diet, similar to Banting and the Low GL way of eating made popular by reknowned nutritionist and author Patrick Holford.  It will educate and motivate you to change and improve your body, your health, and your well being for good.  Proven coaching methods are implemented to help you overcome barriers that may have frustrated your efforts before.

The program includes: 

Natural Rhythms is ideal if:


You want to improve your energy

You want to lose some weight

You want to boost your health

You struggle with cravings

You struggle staying motivated

You want a healthy, long-term solution



A health assessment

Weekly sessions

Nutrition education

Coaching to help overcome psychological barriers and ensure long-term success

Support materials and booklets

Menu plans and recipes

Food diaries, menu planning tools, progress trackers, tips on eating out,

healthy cooking methods

Daily success formulas

Supplement recommendations

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Quick, Safe, Effective

Candy's Results

After 6 Months




- 36.2kg


33 from 47


- 24.5 cm


- 25 cm


- 18.5cm





Front view at start of program and 6 months later

Side view at start of program and 6 months later

Prodimed is a scientifically developed programme that takes the guesswork and fuss out of weight loss.  The method is quick, effective, durable and most of all safe. The combination of these award winning products and expert personal counselling and coaching will help you quickly lose weight, make important lifestyle changes and learn healthy eating habits. You'll be on your way to that slim person inside in no time! Once you achieve your ideal weight you have the option of continuing a zest4life maintenance program. 

Prodimed is ideal if:


You have 10kg or more to lose?

Your weight is causing ill health 

You need to slim down for surgery

You struggle with cravings

Appetite control is a struggle

You find it difficult to organise your shopping and meals?

For a targeted, nutritionally-sound program that doesn't cost much more than you probably already spend on groceries, Prodimed could be your path to success. A properly prescribed and effectively followed diet cannot fail and the results are long-term! 

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Laura Mussell NDip CNM

Harare, Zimbabwe



Did You Know?


As well as looking and feeling great, reaching your ideal weight can improve your energy levels, mental alertness, hormone balance, libido and fertility. It can help reduce aches and pains by reducing the stress on your joints, and reduce the risk of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer later in life.


Being a healthy weight makes it much easier to exercise effectively, plus you look and feel great in your clothes.


What Clients Say about Prodimed

"I lost nearly 8 kg in my first month on the Prodimed  program which means I am a third of the way to reaching my goal and looking gorgeous on my wedding day. 


It has been so easy and I haven’t felt hungry at all. Laura has been so supportive throughout’.

Carly -

Hampton Court